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Field Service Heroes: Working in ServiceMax Better & Faster [blog series]

Blog Post created by Richard Lewis on Aug 31, 2017

I want to get connected with others who are working in ServiceMax and Salesforce every day. Does that sound like you?


For this first post, I’m hoping to hear from other customers who are interested in collaborating around field service, cloud software, ServiceMax.


Are you your team’s subject matter expert? Are you looking to become one?


Please reply if you are interested in the topics below, if you have a similar goals for your team, or if you are just checking this out and could be interested in the future. Let’s build a group of people who want to share and learn together - comment to get involved!


I’m a member of the ServiceMax VIP Program and the Community Champions group here on the ServiceMax Community.  I was interviewed by Deirdre Yee regarding the blog series I’m authoring: Field Service Heroes: Working in ServiceMax Better & Faster. I’m excited to share my insights around field service software with this community, and I really want to get the conversation going with other members. The ServiceMax Community can be a great place to help people and to get help from others in the industry. When you put questions out there, you’ll see responses!


So what is my blog series, Field Service Heroes: Working in ServiceMax Better & Faster, about?


Like the title says, it is focused on tips that help field service team members get their work done faster. A small change might save you 20 seconds. If you have to go through that process dozens of times a day, you'll notice the great amount of time you can save and how meaningful it is. It’s taken me years to find these tricks and shortcuts. Sometimes the most efficient way forward is not obvious.


If you work in ServiceMax and Salesforce, there are many resources available, and in some ways that makes things easier. There are a series of helpful resources like training videos, Field Service University courses, release webinars, and design time events on this platform. And on the salesforce side, the Trailhead training program is a great asset.


But in some ways there are too many sources of information. Trailhead is weeks of training. That’s not something you can wade through in your first week on the job. When you look at all the training offered, it might not be something you can master in your first year.


I’m hoping this blog series will help people hone in on the simple items that will increase their productivity and efficiency.


I’d also like to incorporate input from others. For each post, we can make this a collaborative conversation. I’ll consolidate the tips we share so that it is a living, evolving, and growing document.


What topics will we cover?


  • Salesforce Navigation

Tips for searching, browsing the Salesforce browser, basic information on customizing the work order view

  • Administrator and Configurator: Tips and Tricks

Advanced settings, translations, SFDC translation workbench, ServiceMax translations, custom labels

  • Dashboards and Reports

The power of one and more tips on reporting

  • Chrome and External Programs

Integrations, apps, useful steps to take

  • Support Processes

Support and training resources


What other subjects are you interested in?


I hope you’ll reply below. Please share your tips, weigh in on what’s important, and tell us what makes your day easier and more efficient.


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